Wednesday, July 13, 2011

He who murders one person....

I can't stop thinking about the horrific murder of Leiby Kletzky.  The story would make anyone sick, but I think it's affected me even more now that I have a child of my own.

We teach our kids not to talk to strangers, but how do we teach them to exercise good judgement?  We may tell them to trust their gut, but Leiby saw a seemingly religious man, and felt this was a trustworthy person to ask for directions.  We have to teach our kids that people who may look safe, may not actually be safe.  But, we also don't want them to be afraid of everyone.  And when should they be allowed to walk home alone?  There's more on how to talk to our kids about this tragedy here.

I don't even know what else to say....there are no words, only tears.

Baruch Dayan Ha-Emet (Blessed is the true Judge). is as if he destroys an entire world.

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