Monday, July 11, 2011

All the More Reason to Use Cloth Diapers

As you probably know, we use cloth diapers.  This was a decision we made before Pickles was born.  Our reasons were simple: save money and help the environment.  So we do it.  And we're so happy that we do.  In addition to saving lots of money, Pickles has only ever had very mild diaper rashes that clear up very quickly, because she has natural, unbleached bamboo on her tushie.

That said, we use disposables at night.  We tried a few options of cloth diapers for night time, but they all leaked, and now that Pickles is sleeping for longer stretches at night, this was a compromise we were willing to make.  A lot of friends gave us diapers their babes had grown out of, so we just used whatever we got.  A few weeks ago, I purchased Pampers Dry Max diapers.  To be honest, I didn't really pay attention to what kind they were, I just had a coupon, and this made the diapers cheaper than any of the other brands.

When I went to put the first one on her, I noticed the very strong chemically smell.  That morning, she had a diaper rash that was much worse than anything she had before.  By the end of the day (after wearing cloth all day), the rash looked better.  The next morning, it was back again.  I figured it had to be the diapers, but, being cheap and lazy, I decided to try for a few more days.  In the end, everything is fine, but I happened to come across this.   Crazy!! All the more reason to use cloth diapers!

Also, this petition is very interesting.  What are your thoughts?

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